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Winter Wonderland at Lake Nieder Neuendorf in Berlin

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Modern houses, snow and comfort. Buy one of our last large wooden houses in Berlin-Heiligensee.

Spend the next white Christmas with your loved ones in one of our cozy houses at Lake Nieder Neuendorf.

Our houses are covered in snow amidst the idyllic nature of Heiligensee.

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Sustainable house in Berlin-Heiligensee

The interior works are in their final stages. The first units will be handed over shortly. Due to the weather, work on the outdoor facilities is currently on hold.

Time to pause for a moment and admire the elegance our natural wooden houses in the snow-covered landscape.

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Comfortable living environment

Community feel in a historically grown neighbourhood of Berlin: Once you move in here, you won't be moving away anytime soon.

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Small idyllic project

Secure one of the last units of our project by the Havel river.

Move into your new home in Berlin's northwest soon.

View our houses in Heiligensee now.


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