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Energieeffizientes Haus bauen Berlin ++ TEWO GREEN LIVING ++ Fertighaus als KFW 40 Effizienzhaus bauen ++ Nachhaltiges Holzhaus mit Wärmepumpe bauen

Urban Living.

In a Natural Setting.

The Homebuilder for modern Houses

25 Years'

Build suS-tainably

My TEWO house

Build on our Experience.

TEWO GREEN LIVING has been helping clients realise their dream homes for over 25 years. Built on state-of-the-art quality and sustainability standards, our houses are homes to couples, small and big families and for the generations to come.

We have your new home.

We build your individual timber house: Ready for moving in & accommodating all your needs or free of stress & pre-designed by us.

Our houses are Ready for the Future.

By applying state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, our houses are made to last.

Nature and sustainability are always at the heart of our projects.

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We Build high-Quality Timber Houses.

We Use sustainable materials.

The timber frame is made of KVH structural timber: locally sourced pine or spruce wood. 
Klimafreundliches Haus mit Wärmepumpe und PV-Anlage bauen ++ Hausbau Firma Berlin ++ Modernes Einfamilienhaus kaufen

Our Proposition

We build futureproof homes with state-of-the-art technology.

Efficient insulation

Effective insulation is the key to energy efficiency. Our houses are highly insulated.

Air/water heat pump

We equip our houses with state-of-the-art air/water heat pumps, which are low-noise and stand indoors. They work very well with underfloor heating.

Ventilation system with recuperation

A ventilation system regulates air quality and recuperates warm air to the heat pump. This makes our houses achieve renewable energy coverage levels of more than 65%.

Solar energy

Your own solar power production maximises independence. A PV-system helps the heat pump generate heat, supplies electricity and charges your e-car.

'Climate-friendly newbuild'
subsidised funding available

Our Houses

We've conceived and built houses which were made for highest sustainability and longevity requirements. Designs and layouts are based on decades of experience.

Our Services

Highest quality, individual design and a sustainable concept are the basis of our projects.

Custom build

Whether a bungalow, 1,5-level oder two floors – taking into consideration local circumstances we design your dream house alongside you.

Style of your

Whether modern, classic, a country house or Bauhaus style – we build your house according to your taste.


We accompany you throughout the entire process and are your point of contact for all phases - from planning approval to hand-over.

Client feedback

"We built a finished (fully finished!) house with TEWO GREEN LIVING in Berlin and are overall extremely satisfied by the whole planning and implementation process. From the first contact up to the punctual hand-over everything worked out semlessly. Aside from the great value for money, our overall impression was very positive in every respect. Right from the start, every request, no matter how small, was taken into account. At no time did management push for a quick signing of the contract. Spontaneous requests for changes during the construction phase were implemented immediately to the extent possible. Excellent coordination of all workstreams and close assistance with any questions or problems were provided throughout the entire construction phase. The whole project was completed in ultra-fast 3 months."

Ulrich Seifgert

Climate-Friendly Technology

A small carbon footprint across the entire life cycle, low primary energy needs and 100% of timber from sustainable local forestry are prerequisites for our houses.    

Timber  & Climate Protection

Our houses are equipped with a heat pump with ventilation and recuperation and a hot water tank. This technology presents the most efficient and climate-friendly way of producing heating currently. Our houses thus achieve the highest energy efficiency level A+.

Highly efficient heating technology combined with solar energy provides the highest level of independence from rising energy cost.

Solar panels complement energy efficiency by producing electricity which is available round-the-clock when combined whith a battery storage device. Utilising highly efficient insulation, energy efficient heating technology and solar energy production, our houses can achieve self-sufficiency levels of (way) more than 50%.

Coming with a heat pump and efficient insulation, our houses typically meet KFW-Effizienzhaus 40 standards. Government sustainability certification is obtainable upon request. Our clients can thus apply for subsidised KFW loans.



Wood stores CO2 (c. 0,9t/m^3). 



Trees grow back and do not require long-distance transport.

Using timber replaces harmful products (e.g. concrete, bricks).



Timber is by nature highly insulating which saves heating energy and CO2. 



Timber construction, cutting-edge heating technology & electricity production by a roof photoltaic system protect our climate. And your savings.

We commit to the highest quality standards, minimising any risks when building your house.
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