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Practical Completion in Baumschulenweg

Updated: May 8, 2023

Our idyllic houses Berlin's Treptow district will shortly be ready for moving into.

Nachhaltiges Einfamilienhaus aus Holz zum Erstbezug; Energieeffizientes Haus mit Wärmepumpe und PV-Anlage in Berlin kaufen; Holzbauweise in Berlin und Brandenburg

Four rooms, two bathrooms and a large part-roofed wooden terrace are awaiting occupation. The house is located centrally yet in a very quiet microlocation not far from Berlin's hotspots.

Klimafreundliches Holzhaus zum Wohnen in Berlin; autarkes Einfamilienhaus kaufen in Berlin

Equipped with a heat pump, a ventilation system and a PV-system, the house boasts a maximum level of energetic efficiency and self-sufficency.

Bezugsfertiges Haus in Berlin Treptow; Urbanes Wohnen; Natürlich & Nachhaltig; TEWO GREEN LIVING

Subsidised funding available

Thanks to the climate-friendly carbon footprint und the low energy need, the house meets the requirements of the 'Climate-friendly newbuild (KFN)' government programme. A low-interest loan of €100,000 is available to buyers.


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