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News on KFW Funding for Climate-Friendly Newbuilds

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The income limits for the supplementary KFW funding 'Home ownership for families' will be raised. The 'Climate-Friendly New Building' programme remains unaffected.

As of October 16th, the income limits for the subsidy programme 'Home ownership for families (KFW 300)', which offers low-interest loans for the purchase of a new climate-friendly house from as little as 0.01% APR, will be raised.

For a household of three, the income limit for the income-dependent program is now €90,000 annual household income (average of 2020 and 2021). For each additional child, the threshold increases by €10,000.

Families below the income thresh ith up to two children can receive €190,000 in low-interest funding. With three children or more in the household, the loan amount increases to €215,000.

Regardless of household income, funding from the 'Climate-Friendly New Building (KFW 297, 298)' programme is available to all buyers of our houses in Berlin Heiligensee. The loan amount is €150,000 with similar terms.

Buy a semi-detached house in Berlin Heiligensee with KFW funding
Eligible for KFW loans: Our semi-detached houses in Berlin Heiligensee

We are happy to explain the funding and financing options to you in a personal conversation.

Safeguard your long-term independence with a sustainable property.


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