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Holidays All Year Long. Buy A House In Berlin Heiligensee.

Make a piece of holiday your new home with one of your properties at lake Nieder Neuendorf.

The unique facades and impressive dimensions of the semi-detached houses get a late-summer glare.

Three floors, four bedrooms across 165m² of space, equipped with a premium heat pump and solar panels present a full-suite of futureproof living.

Whether bathing from a private pier, sunsets on your terrace in your own garden or the convenient parking lot in front of the house for an easy charging: our houses have them all.

The lake and nature on the doorstep. The S-Bahn within a short walking distance.

Heiligensee's excellent transport links and village vibes offer the best of both worlds: endless possibilities of a big city and the recreational value of a district surrounded by Tegeler Forrest and the Havel river.

Holidays all year long. In Berlin.

Buy a house at the Havel river in Berlin.

Book a viewing of our houses which are currently under construction.


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