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Heiligensee: Sustainability Certified

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Funds from the government programme 'Climate-friendly newbuild' are available to buyers of our sustainability-certified houses.

All available semi-detached houses of our project by lake Nieder Neuendorf will receive the certificate 'Quality Seal Sustainable Building' and therefore meet the criteria of the efficiency level 'KFW 40 Sustainability Class'.

The certification is based on the sustainable concept and efficient deployment of resources of our project. Among the highlights are:

  1. A small carbon footprint across the entire life cycle

  2. Low primary energy consumption by utilising renewable energy to the highest degree

  3. Timber 100% sourced from sustainable forestry

  4. Avoidance of harmful substances in all construction materials

Government funding is available through a subsidised KFW loan of €150,000. Current interest rates for a 10-year fixed loan start at 0.01% p.a..

Further information about our houses and financing options are available upon request.


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