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Houses Surrounded by Nature in Berlin For Sale

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Our Single Family Housing Project in Berlin-Heiligensee: Comprehensive infrastructure works have been completed.

New pipes have been placed under the surface by lowering the ground water temporarily. Groundworks are now ongoing. Foundation slabs will be poured next month.

Houses C/D are expected to be erected at the end of July. Houses A/B will be delivered the following month.

Nachhaltiges Einfamilienhaus aus Holz in Berlin
House D

Heiligensee boasts excellent schools, plenty of amenities and an abundance of nature. Our houses have four bedrooms across 165m² of space which makes them spacious homes for small and large families.

This project offers futureproof living in sustainability-certified houses with highest energy efficiency levels.

Swimming season is in full swing. Make use of the private pier - free jetties are up for grabs!


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