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Current Construction Costs & Outlook

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Construction costs increased by 16.9% last year.

Construction costs surged in the twelve months through November. Aside from higher prices, long delivery times for key technologies such as heat pumps and PV are the norm. High material costs will most likely persist.

As a result, construction activity in Germany has slumped. The number of building permits for single family houses fell by 15.4% in the nine months until October. Higher interest rates make building a house even more difficult.

If you are looking to buy a house in the short or medium term, make sure you do not save on quality. Dated houses typically come with high cost of maintaining, operating and in the end also renovating them. And renting has been becoming more and more expensive due to the lack of supply. Buying from a developer has many advantages. We build more efficiently by e.g. spreading infrastructure costs across two or more units.

Our price and quality are set, and a five-year warranty period comes on top. We commit to highest quality standards, minimising the risk of your real estate purchase.


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